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Today I would like to introduce some trails and buses in Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園), Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園) contains West side and East side, The main of trails in west side include Siangtian mountain(向天山), Miantian mountains(面天山), Datun mountains main peak, west peak, south peak(大屯山主峰.西峰.南峰), and Johngjheng mountains(中正山), the main of the trails for Siangtian mountain(向天山), Miantian mountains(面天山), Datun mountains(大屯山) main peak, west peak, and south peak is Erzihping area trail(二子坪步道), Erzihping(二子坪) area is from Chingtien temple(清天宮) to Erzihping Visitor Center(二子坪遊客中心), from Chingtien temple(清天宮) to Erzihping Visitor Center(二子坪遊客中心) probably 110 minutes for the trails, the forked of the trails is the pavilion, probably 40 minutes from Chingtien temple(清天宮), the west side at pavilion is Siangtian pond(向天池), Siangtian mountains(向天山), and Miantian mountains(面天山), probably 1 hr 40 minutes from the pavilion back to Erzihping area trail(二子坪步道), the east side of pavilion is Datun mountains West peak, south peak and main peak(大屯山西峰.南峰.主峰), probably 1 hr 40 minutes from pavilion to Erzihping Visitor Center(二子坪遊客中心), at Erzihping Visitor Center(二子坪遊客中心) you could choose take bus back to the city or keep walking to Jhuzihhu(竹子湖), Jhuzihhu(竹子湖) is another famous places in Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園), probably 30 minutes walking from Erzhiping Visitor Center(二子坪遊客中心) to Jhuzihhu(竹子湖), the other main trails in Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園) west side is Jhongjheng mountain(中正山), from the beginning to the summit probably 1 hr walking, the end at Jhuzihhu(竹子湖), from the Jhongjheng mountains(中正山) summit 1 hr walking on the track and 40 minutes on the pitch route to Jhuzihhu(竹子湖).

The mains of bus to Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園) West side transfer at MRT Beitou station(北投站), S6(小6) to Chingtien temple(清天宮), most of every half hour, S7(小7) to Jhongjheng mountains(中正山) hiking trail, S7(小7) is fixed schedule, please check out on bus website, and go back to the city from Jhuzihhu(竹子湖) is S9(小9) to MRT Beitou station(北投站), most of S9(小9) bus is every 40 minutes, if take bus from Erzhiping Visitor Center(二子坪遊客中心) is bus 108, bus 108 is Yangmingshan National Park circle bus(陽明山國家公園遊國巴士108), every half hour, the last bus is 17:30 from starting station, bus 108 should be transfer bus 260 or R5(紅5) at Yangmingshan National Park Main station(陽明山國家公園巴士總站) to MRT Jlantan station(劍潭站).

Photo1 Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園) west side
The main of east side in Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園), is Miaopu(苗圃), Siaoyoukeng(小油坑), Cising mountain(七星山), Legshuikeng Visitor Center(冷水坑遊客中心), Cingtiangang grassland(擎天崗), the trails to Cising mountain(七星山) include Miaopu(苗圃), Siaoyoukeng(小油坑) and Legshuikeng(冷水坑), probably 1 hr to Cising mountain(七星山) summit, from Miaopu(苗圃) will be a little longer and steep, and Legshuikeng(冷水坑) and Cingtiangang grassland(擎天崗) is close, half hour walking, Cingtiangang grassland(擎天崗) it the most popular places in Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園), contains Cingtiangang grassland(擎天崗) large circle trail, small circle trail, Jinbaoli trail(金包里步道), Fonggueiko trail(風貴嘴步道), and Jyuansih Waterfall trail(涓絲瀑布步道), for Cingtiangang(擎天崗) large circle trail probably 1 hr from Cingtiangang Visitor Center(擎天崗遊客中心) and back to Visitor Center, and small is 30 minutes, and Jinbaoli Trail(金包里步道) and Fonggueiko trail(風貴嘴步道) is longer, Jinbaoli trail(金包里步道) probably 1 hr 40 minutes to Jinshan(金山), and Fonggueiko trail(風貴嘴步道) to the end probably 3 hr’s walking, Jyuansih waterfall trails(涓絲瀑布步道) is other easy and simple trails, probably 1 hr’s from Cingtiangang grassland(擎天崗) to Jyuansih waterfall trails(涓絲瀑布步道) starting, Jyuansih waterfall(涓絲瀑布) is at the middle of the trails.

Photo2 Miaopu(苗圃), Cising mountain(七星山), Legshuikeng(冷水坑), Cingtiangang grassland(擎天崗)
Photo3 Cingtiangang grassland(擎天崗), Jinbaoli Trail(金包里步道), Fonggueiko trail(風貴嘴步道), Jyuansih waterfall trails(涓絲瀑布步道)
The main of buses to Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園) east side transfer at MRT Jlantan Station(劍潭站), bus S15(小15) to Jyuansih waterfall trail(涓絲瀑布步道), Cingtiangang grassland(擎天崗), and Legshuikeng Visitor Center(冷水坑遊客中心), most of every 20 minutes, but remember some of buses S15(小15) the end at Jyuansih waterfall trail(涓絲瀑布步道), will not drive to Cingtiangang grassland(擎天崗) and Legshuikeng Visitor Center(冷水坑遊客中心), please check out the bus schedule, the other main of the bus is 108 Yangmingshan National Park circle bus(陽明山國家公園園遊巴士), it’s should transfer at Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園) main bus station, from MRT Jlantan station(劍潭站) to Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園) main bus station is R5(紅5), and 108 circle bus is every half hour, it’s pass Miaopu(苗圃), Erizihping Visitor Center(二子坪遊客中心), Siaoyoukeng(小油坑), Legshuikeng Visitor Center(冷水坑遊客中心), Cingtiangang Visitor Center(擎天崗遊客中心), Jyuansih waterfall trails starting(涓絲瀑布步道), and main Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園) bus station, it’s one way bus, and from Jinshan(金山)(Jinbaoli trail)(金包里步道) is Royalbus(皇家客運), most of every 1 hr, and fare is higher, from Jinshan(金山) to MRT. Jlantan station(劍潭站) is NTD 100, and the other one, end of Fonggueiko trail(風貴嘴步道), is M1(市民小巴1號), 4 buses a day.
Photo Yamgmingshan National Park circle bus 108(陽明山國家公園遊園巴士108)
Enjoy Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園), Enjoy Taipei, Enjoy Taiwan.




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