Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園) is one of valuable places to visit in Taipei City , it’s in the north of Taipei, Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園)contains east side area and west side area, Cising mountains(七星山) area is the main of east side, Datun mountains(大屯山) area is the main of west areas, the first special things is west sunny east raining, sometimes the west mountains area get a sunny weather but east mountains area get a raining or mist weather especially in winter and spring, because the moonset past the east side, so hiking in west mountains area is good for traveler in winter and spring.
West mountains contains Datun mountain(大屯山), Siangtian(向天山) mountain, Maintian mountain(面天山) and Jhongjheng mountain(中正山), Erzihping(二子坪) trail is the main trail of west side mountains, Erzihping(二子坪) trail is from Chingtien Temple(清天宮) to Erzihping(二子坪) visitor center, Erzihping(二子坪) trail also named butterfly corridor, because it’s with lots of butterfly usually in spring, when you hike from Erzihping(二子坪) trails, Datun mountain(大屯山) is your east side, Datun mountain(大屯山) is the second highest mountain in Taipei City, the highest is Cising mountain(七星山), but Datun mountain(大屯山) is the most difficult for hiking, because it’s very steep, you have to pull the rope, all the Datun mountain(大屯山) areas full of sliver grass, it’s very amazing, sliver grass is one of the sign of Taiwan, sliver grass will change color in fall, it’s well become white color, it’s really special, and after it fall, sliver grass will change color again in spring to summer, it will become green color, hard and deep green, differences seasons with differences views, plants and emotions in Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園).

Photo1, Datun mountain(大屯山)

And when you hike Erzihping(二子坪) trail, Siangtian mountain(向天山) and Maintian mountain(面天山) are at west side, you will past Siangtian poud(向天池), Siangtian pond(向天池) is one of famous pond in Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園), it’s the highest pond, but it’s without water now, maybe it’s with water in raining season, and Siangtian mountain(向天山) and Maintian mountain(面天山), they are brother, it’s also full with sliver grass, and Maintian mountain(面天山) with the widest seeing view in Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園), it’s 270 angle, it’s my favorite mountain in Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園), because you could see the north coastline of Taiwan strait, from Taipei city, Shilin(士林), Danshui(淡水), Taipei harbor, Sanzhi(三芝), and Taiwan strait, it’s with differences feeling with other mountains, from Erzihping(二子坪) area to Erzihping(二子坪) visitor center, it’s handicapped roam, the government build handicapped roam for Taiwan fist lady ( she is disable because politics traffic accidents 20 more years ago.), and it’s a wonderful policy of all resident of Taipei city, because there are without handicapped roam in all area of Yangmingshan National Park (陽明山國家公園) before the handicapped roam build, so I feel it’s so great for every handicapped people, actually not only for handicapped people, but also for kid, children, and minor, Taipei city become more modern in the world, welcome to Taiwan

Photo2, from Chingtien Temple(清天宮) to Erzihping(二子坪)

Photo3, Siangtian poud(向天池)

Photo4, Siangtian mountain(向天山)

Photo5, Maintian mountain(面天山)

Jhongjheng mountain(中正山) is one of popular mountain in west area, when you hike from trail start, one of the special thing is you will pass a rock hole when you hike to the top, 「rock hole」is as same as the words, a hole made by rock, some of early stages Taiwanese lived in rock hole, maybe 50 years or 60 years ago, at the summit of Jhongjheng mountain(中正山), the government build a view seeing stage, it is a little similar with the summit of Maintian mountain(面天山), it is with narrow angle, but closer, it’s also a great places to see the sunset, some of the people just hike to here for taking photos of the sunset, there two routes to the end of the trails, but route one have been broken, the government decided not to repair route one, because according the geography report it’s easy to crash there, so we have hike route two, it’s farer than route one, but the rest trail is smooth for hiking, after the end of hiking trail, we have to walk 40 minutes blacktop, it’s really amazing here, it’s with less cars, all the trial full of trees especially cherry blossom trees and maples, cherry blossom trees is another sign of Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園), cherry blossom with flower in winter, after winter the flower fall and to be green leaves, when weather become hot, it’s with more leaves and deep green, and the leaves will fall in fall season, and it’s also with lots maples here, when we close to the bus station, we could see calla, it’s close to Jhuzihhu(竹子湖), Jhuzihhu(竹子湖) is famous by calla, if you are interested you could try some nature mountain vegetable or sweet potato ginger soup here, sweet potato ginger soap is one of tradition Taiwanese dessert.

Photo6, rock hole

Photo7, Jhongjheng mountain(中正山)

Photo8, Jhuzihhu(竹子湖)

The east side of Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園) contains Cising mountain(七星山), Chingtiangang grassland(擎天崗), Jinbaohi trail(金包里大道), Ding mountain(頂山), and Huangzuei mountain(磺嘴山), Cising mountain(七星山) is the top of Taipei, there are three routes to the summit, most of people hike to the summit from Siaoyoukeng(小油坑)or Legshukeng(冷水坑), I suggest hike from Siaoyoukeng(小油坑) because it will be easier and with more beautiful views, Siaoyoukneg(小油坑) is a sulfur area, so it with special geography here, and sulfur is smell bad and bad for healthy, but the main elements of hot spring is sulfur, hot spring is famous at Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園), most of hot spring at Macao(馬糟), there are also with hot spring at Legshukeng(冷水坑), is was build by government, it’s free.

Photo9, Siaoyoukeng(小油坑)

Photo10, Cising mountain(七星山)

Chingtiangang grassland(擎天崗) is at the east of Cising mountain(七星山), Chingtiangant grassland(擎天崗) is the most popular places in Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園), not only it’s with a beautiful views but also all the trails smooth, easy for hiking, easy for everyone, kid, minor, senior, another main reason is it’s romantic here, all the couple enjoyed here, Chingtiangang grassland(擎天崗) also a very popular places at summer night, because the weather degree is comfortable, you could see the moon and start sign, in the past there were with buffalo, but it have been attached human, so the government limit the farmer to control that. Jinbaoli trail(金包里大道) is from Jyuansih(涓絲) waterfall stops to Bayan(八煙), Bayan(八煙) is a places named at Jinshan(金山), the trails will pass Jyuansih(涓絲) waterfall and across Chingtiangang grassland(擎天崗) to Bayan(八煙), the early stages of Taiwanese lived in Jinshan(金山) hiked this trails to Taipei city, because from Jinshan(金山) to Taipei, there is Yangmingshan(陽明山) in the middle, if go to Taipei through north coastline, it’s too far, so they hiked this trails to Taipei. There are nature hot spring at Bayan(八煙), it’s a naturally and specially experiences.

Photo11, Chingtiangant grassland(擎天崗)

Photo12, Jyuansih(涓絲) waterfall

Photo13, Jinbaoli trail(金包里大道)

Photo14, nature hot spring at Bayan(八煙)

Huangzuei mountain(磺嘴山) is at north of Chingtiangang grassland(擎天崗), Huangzuei mountain(磺嘴山) is a protect area, because the environment protect reason, I have never been Huangzuei mountain(磺嘴山), it’s the only main mountain in Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園) I haven’t been, another popular trail from Chingtiangang grassland(擎天崗), pass Ding mountain(頂山), the end at Fonggueiko (風貴口), it’s also a wonderful trail and smooth for hiking, there are wide buffalo on this trail, if you get good luck you could meet them, buffalo is mild, so most of station is okay, just make a circle walk, but if the buffalo is angry, don’t go ahead, go back of the trails, the buffalo see red color will be angry, is’t true, don’t try it, Fonggueiko(風貴嘴), 「Fong」(風)in Chinese words is winding, so it’s always winding here, the trails is the most east side of Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園), do you remember west sunny easy raining? So I don’t suggest the trails in winter.

Photo15, Fonggueiko(風貴嘴)

Thank you for your reading, hope you will know much more about Yangmingshan National Park(陽明山國家公園), and enjoy the wonderful, amazing, beautiful, places, it’s Formosa, Taiwan, welcome to Taiwan, hope you have a great time and a excellent experiences in Taiwan.




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