To The Summit of Northeast Asia, Mt. Jade

"Dear Jesus, I give all my appreciation to you,
thank you for let me finished another dream, even we got a terrible weather condition,but thank you for keeping me all the way safety and successful to the top of Taiwan, I pray in the name of the Load, Amen."

To make a goal for hiking Mt.Jade, it sounds like my brain has been broken.I would like to tell my friends, please consider clearly before hiking Mt. Jade. It's really difficult, dangerous and danger your life.

First day,
hike from TATAKA hiking trail starting ( 2610 meter) to Paiyun Lodge ( 3402 meter), distances 8.5 km ( 5.3 miles) for the trail. It isn't far and not difficult for hiking, all the trail smooth with several precipice. But it's hard to used to the high mountain weather, Not olny the temperature, the main reason is the air with less oxygen. After arrived Paiyun Lodge, i felt a little headache, it wasn't serious, i was okay.

I felt really uncomfortable at night.Paiyun Lodge, just a small and simple area for rest. Of course, it's impossible with hot water for shower.
Not only without shower, but also i didn't clean teeth, didn't wash hands after toilit at night. The water just like the ice, it's too cold, probably 3-4 centigrade at night.

A small area 5-6 level ground( 1 level ground equal to 3.3057 square meter or 36 square feet with 16 people for sleeping. another bigger room with 50-60 people. It's hard to be asleep, just hear everyone turn around their bodies. After the night, the most person got 2 hours sleeping.

Second day,
from Paiyun Lodge( 3402 meter) to Mt. Jade Main Peak(3952 meter), distances 2.5 km(1.56 miles Very hard and very difficult for hiking, distances 2.5 km should be arrive within 1 hr 20 min's in outskirt mountains. At here, we hiked 3 hr's to the top. It's detritus all the trail, beside is precipice. Especially the last 200 meter, We hiked on the detritus and pulled iron rope. Every steps with stable, have no chances for re-steps. Someone just fell into the precipice and died last month. And we got a special luck for a terrible weather conditon. strong winding and rainning, our guide told us, exclude the snowing and typhoon, it's the worst weather. But i am determinedly, i want to go the top of Taiwan. Have a deep breathing, then i am successful to the roof the Taiwan, Mt. Jade 3952 meter, And i did a stupid thing at the top.
( My friend took a video for me by digital camera, I told a girl i like her in the video, but after go back to Taipei, i don't have courage and i didn't send the file to her.)

When i was at the top of Mt. Jade, i wasn't feel too much exciting, i just wanted to take some pictures and go downhill, the weather was really terrible. But when i hiked downhill from Paiyun Lodge, even i got headache all the trails. but my steps became bigger, and more exciting.I was enjoying finished my dreams.

Everything i would like to do, i will exclude all the difficult things.I will be done, i will be successful.

" Dear Jesus, I give all my appreciation to you, thank you for giving me courage, confidence and power evey times, let me finished my dreams agian and agian. I am praying, Please keeping me braves, courage, confidence, power, actions, for everything in whole my life. I pray in the name of the Load, Amen"



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