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Today I would like to introduce some of Taiwanese dessert, Taiwanese culture dessert, most of the dessert, you could find out them in every night market in Taiwan, like Shilin night market(士林夜市), Raohe street night market(饒河街夜市), Taichung Feng-Chia night market(台中逢甲夜市), or Kaohsinung Liuho night market(高雄六合夜市), no matter in north of Taiwan, middle of Taiwan, south of Taiwan, or east of Taiwan, not only in night market, most of time you could find them just on the street just in some noisy places, or department store also.

First, you must try it in Taiwan is 「Tofu pudding」(豆花), it’s made by soy bean(黃豆), and we usually mix something else, just like peanut(花生), tapioca(粉圓), red beans(紅豆), mung beans(綠豆), most of them we mix with peanut(花生) or tapioca(粉圓), 「Tofu pudding」(豆花) also could be ice or hot dessert, sometime we take them in winter, we will mix ginger soap(薑汁), ginger(薑) could keep your body warm, ginger(薑) is another traditional food, most of times mix in the main food.

Photo1「Tofu pudding」with peanut (豆花加花生)

The other popular dessert you must try in summer is 「Herb Jelly」(仙草),「Herb Jelly」(仙草)made by some of traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine(中藥), 「Chinese Herbal Medicine」(中藥) is lots of differences with 「Western Medicine」, not really you get sick or get something wrong, then take Chinese Herbal Medicine(中藥), sometimes is just keep your body be better, just like vitamins,「Herb Jelly」(仙草) with ice and sugar, it’s taste great, you must try it,「Herb Jelly」(仙草) also could be hot or ice dessert, but one of differences, we only take「Herb Jelly」(仙草) when it’s ice, but if it’s hot 「Herb Jelly」(仙草), we usually mix peanut(花生), tapioca(粉圓), or something else.

Photo2 Ice「Herb Jelly」(仙草)

Another Taiwanese culture dessert, it’s 「Pearl milk tea」(珍珠奶茶), I think it’s popular in the world, maybe you could find out this drink in some of Asia town in your country, I am passion to let you know「Pearl milk tea」(珍珠奶茶) is from Taiwan, 「Pearl」is Tapioca(粉圓), because tapioca(粉圓) looks like pearl, in the past, traditional tea house will cook pearl milk tea(珍珠奶茶), just in front of you, they mix black tea(紅茶), cream powder(奶精), tapioca(粉圓), ice, then shake it, shake it is one of special culture in this drink, because it’s would be well mixed, now we get instead culture, just put the milk tea(奶茶) and tapioca(粉圓) in the cup, then with a little shake.

Photo3 Shake

Photo4「Pearl milk tea」(珍珠奶茶)

And mung beans soup(綠豆湯) is one of popular also traditional Taiwanese dessert, actually you could see mung beans(綠豆) and red beans(紅豆) in some of Taiwanese food, most of times, mung beans soup(綠豆湯) is ice and red beans soup(紅豆湯) is hot, and not only you could search in night market easily, but also some of family they will cook by themselves, my mother sometimes cook them, so I could get sweet at home, and today I got mung beans soup with sweet potato(綠豆湯加地瓜), sweet potato(地瓜) is another main element for Taiwanese food, most of we could see rice porridge with sweet potato(稀飯加地瓜).

Photo5 「mung beans soup with sweet potato」(綠豆湯加地瓜)

If you visit Taiwan, you must try 「Ice Shaving」(刈冰), I think it’s could be a culture, you could say it’s Taiwanese ice cream, we also have ice cream, just like in your country, but 「Ice Shaving」(刈冰) is lost of differences, we use shaving machine(刈冰器) to shaving a big piece of ice, then you could select some of sweet food you would like to mix, just like peanut(花生), tapioca(粉圓), mung beans(綠豆), red beans(紅豆), sweet potato(地瓜), taro(芋頭), Herb Jelly(仙草), vegetarian gelatin(愛玉), lotus seeds(薏仁), Konnyaku(竘篛) and so on, in the hot summer, 「Ice Shaving」(刈冰) is always the best choice in Taiwan.

Photo6 select the sweet you like

Photo7 Today I got peanut(花生), taro(芋頭), sweet potato(地瓜) and lotus seeds(薏仁) in my「Ice Shaving」(刈冰).

Photo8 Taro(芋頭) is always my favorite.

Hope you like it, try it, and enjoy lots of Taiwanese culture dessert, welcome to give me comments if any questions or let me know what are you interesting to know about Taiwan, hope you all love and enjoy in Taiwan.




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