「Oyster omelet」(蚵仔煎) is one of the famous food in Taiwan, you could see 「Oyster omelet」(蚵仔煎) in every cities of Taiwan, of course you must try「Oyster omelet」 (蚵仔煎) at Shilin Night Market, one of the famous here is No. 500 at Shilin Night Market Snacks Square, the main food of「Oyster omelet」 (蚵仔煎) is oyster and egg, we mixed oyster, egg, less vegetable, and Potato Starch (太白粉), then pen-fried it, after pen-fried the「Oyster omelet」(蚵仔煎) , source is one of the important element of「Oyster omelet」(蚵仔煎) , we used Taiwanese Tabasco(甜辣醬) , the source taste a little sweet and spicy, Taiwanese Tabasco (甜辣醬) is the popular source in Taiwan, you must try it.

Photo1, Pen-fried the「Oyster omelet」(蚵仔煎)

Photo2,「Oyster omelet」(蚵仔煎)

The other famous is 「Calamari Potage」(花枝羹), except the Calamari(花枝) there are some 「carrot 」and 「bamboo shoot」(筍) in the potage, we like to use carrot in Taiwanese food, carrot with a bright color, we say to intersperse the food, let the food with colorful and perfect,「bamboo shoot」(筍)is one of local Taiwanese food, there are lots of famous food with「bamboo shoot」(筍),「Calamari Potage」(花枝羹) is one of the food with bamboo shoot .

Photo3,「Calamari Potage」(花枝羹)

There are many kinds of potage in Taiwanese food,「Crab Potage」(蟹肉羮)is the other popular food in Shilin Night Market,「Crab Potage」(蟹肉羮) with Crab(蟹肉) , black moss(髮菜) and mushroom(香茹), black moss(髮菜) is the other popular food in Taiwanese food, black moss(髮菜) looks like hair and taste like vegetable, it’s vegetable, don’t afraid it, we like to use black moss(髮菜) in Taiwanese food because it looks varied, it’s Chinese language varied also means we could get control in every aspects.

Photo4,「Crab Potage」(蟹肉羮)

「Pan fried stuffed dumplings」(水煎包) always with the most people in Shilin Night Market, we stuffed pork in the paste, then pan-fried it, the paste taste with chewy, the pork with extract and smell savoury, it’s my favorite snacks in Shilin Night Market, not only it’s delicious but also it’s with a friendly prices, it’s only NT 10.00 per「Pan fried stuffed dumplings」(水煎包) (0.35 U.S dollars), I love it.

Photo5, only NT 10.00 per「Pan fried stuffed dumplings」(水煎包)

Photo6,「Pan fried stuffed dumplings」(水煎包)

Deep-fry chicken is popular food in Taiwan, especially in students, you could see deep-fry chicken sell near every junior high schools, senior high schools, and universities, deep-fry chicken is also a nice food with beer, 「HOT STAR Large Fried Chicken」(豪大大雞排) is the famous deep-fry chicken in Shilin Night Market, 「HOT STAR Large Fried Chicken」(豪大大雞排) is not only famous in Shilin Night Market, but also the most famous deep-fry chicken in Taiwan, everybody visit Taipei will try it, but I didn’t try it, I am getting old, it’s bad for healthy.

Photo7, 「HOT STAR Large Fried Chicken」(豪大大雞排)

Photo8, Deep-fry chicken

「Stew Ribs with Herbs」(藥燉排骨) is another traditions food in Taiwan, it’s a popular food in winter, the soup stew by herbs(中藥), you would get warm after eat「Stew Ribs with Herbs」(藥燉排骨) , I like it and suggest「Stew Ribs with Herbs」(藥燉排骨), but if you sensitive with Chinese Herbs(中藥), humm, you have to think about it.

Photo9, one of traditions「Stew Ribs with Herbs」(藥燉排骨) store

Photo10,「Stew Ribs with Herbs」(藥燉排骨)

「Jelly Tapioca Pearls」(青蛙下蛋) is the best drinks in Shilin Night Market, Tapioca Pearls(粉圓) is the main element is lots of Taiwanese drinks, just like Tapioca Pearls milk tea(珍珠奶茶), and Taiwanese pudding(豆花), in Chinese language we call this drink 「The frog lays eggs」(青蛙下蛋), because jelly(愛玉) looks like frog and Tapioca Pearls(粉圓) look likes eggs, Is it interesting? Don’t forget to try it.

Photo11,「Jelly Tapioca Pearls」(青蛙下蛋)

Photo12,「The frog lays eggs」(青蛙下蛋)

Special Thanks To Delicious Food Expert Mr. Shih Ken, must of above food suggest by Mr. Shih.

Photo13, Delicious Food Expert Mr. Shih Ken




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