Chinese new year is according Chinese traditional calendar, it’s usually between late January to mid February, we have a long break, usually Chinese new year eve to 5th Jan Chinese new year date, Chinese new year is a holiday for family, it’s similar like Christmas eve in western, we have a dinner together with our family in Chinese new year eve, of course we would have a generous dinner in Chinese new year eve, in the past we cook by ourselves, and we get city culture now, we could pre order Chinese new year eve dinner from restaurant, it’s usually freezing food and we heat the food ourselves, and my family use to cook ourselves.

One of Chinese new year traditional foods is new year pudding(年糕), it’s made by glutinous rise(糯米), we usually cook it by fry, we would wrap the egg flour mixed source, it’s taste glutinous, soft and sweet, it’s the most famous dessert in Chinese new year, in Chinese history, we use to worship Chinese god by sweet food, new year pudding(年糕) is a sweet food, it means to say some sweet words to Chinese god, of course say lots sweet words this year to get a great start.

Photo1, wrap new year pudding(年糕) with egg flour mixed source before fry.

Photo2, deep-fry

Photo3, would you like to try it?

My family usually have a hot pot(火鍋) in Chinese new year eve, today we get cabbage, potato, tomato, mushroom, carrot, konnyaku(蒟蒻), bean curd(豆腐) , Pigs blood cake(豬血糕), beef piece and fish piece for hot pot(火鍋), hot pot(火鍋) will cook the soup first, we will put soup can, cabbage, potato, tomato, mushroom, carrot, and konnyaku(蒟蒻) together, we call those food hot pot(火鍋) soup source food, and use the mid fire for heating, after the soup heating, we will put the main food beef piece and fish piece, the main food is when you want to eat then cook it, hot pot(火鍋) soup source food takes a little every times, the rest keep in the soup and keep the heat.

Photo4, hot pot (火鍋)

Photo5, generous dinner

Photo6, of course we couldn’t miss alcohol.

Pan-fried Radish Cake(蘿蔔糕) is one of famous food in Taiwan, you could see Pan-fried Radish Cake(蘿蔔糕) in lots of Taiwanese breakfast store and night market, of course we couldn’t miss the delicious food in Chinese new year eve. Leavened cake(發糕) is another food for Chinese new year, Leavened cake(發糕) in Chinese language pronounce like「rich」, so we always have Leavened cake(發糕) in Chinese new year to wish we would get rich this year.

Photo7, Pan-fried Radish Cake(蘿蔔糕)

Photo8, Leavened cake(發糕)

「Red Envelope」is one of cultures in Chinese New year, it parents give 「Red Envelope」to their kids, there are some money in the Red envelope, it means to wish you have good year and giving you some money to have a great growing up, and now I am adult not a kid, I have a job and make money myself, so I give「Red Envelope」to my parents to wish them a happy Chinese new year and to say thank you to grew me up.

Photo9, Give「Red Envelope」to my father!

Photo10, Give「Red Envelope」to my mother!

Wish all a happy Chinese new year, have a wonderful year, good body healthy, every of your dreams to be come true.

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